18th January 2018

5 reasons why Bhutan should be your next travel destination

Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon, is no ordinary place. One of a kind, it is an amply modern yet traditional country, with one foot still rooted in its medieval grounds. Bhutan has learned well about the downsides of fast-paced modernization and has decided to move cautiously without losing its soul or charm. You will be taken aback by Bhutan’s breathtaking landscapes, legendary temples and fortress, hot yet delicious cuisine, vivacious festivals and mostly, its authenticity. If you’re looking to slow down your fast-paced city life and relax a moment or two in the laps of Himalayans, Bhutan is the ideal destination country for you. Here we have listed five reasons why Bhutan should be your next travel destination:

Experience cultural and spiritual magnificence

In Bhutan, Buddhism it is a way of life, with two-thirds of the Bhutanese following Mahayana Buddhism. The reason Bhutan is so serene and peaceful is maybe that Buddhism and its practice is deeply ingrained in social way of life. So, naturally, the country is home to a great number of monasteries, religious centres and meditation retreat. Thus, if you are looking for a travel destination to quench your search for an authentic cultural and traditional destination, make sure to add Bhutan to your bucket list.

Witness unspoiled natural beauty

While in Bhutan, you might take the picturesque natural scenes for granted, since they are in abundance, but once you leave the country, you will realize how unspoiled and naturally intact Bhutan is. The country only gets a fraction of visitors in comparison to its Asian neighbors and doesn’t mind forfeiting tourism to preserve its natural and cultural heritage. Here, you will experience a fascinating, rural life that has mostly remained unaffected for centuries, an ironic luxury in the 21st century.

Unwind in nature’s lap

The Himalayan nation houses some of the world’s best-loved trails. There are over 23 major treks and walks that can take between 3-25 days to complete. Some of the best-known treks are Zuri Dzong Trek and Gantey Valley Trek. The former will take you to the top of Zuri Dzong peak for a stunning bird’s-eye view of the Paro valley with the gorgeous Himalayans in the backdrop and to the caves where Buddha is believed to have meditated. The latter referred to as Bhutan’s Shangri-La, will take you to the historic Gangtey monastery passing through the lush forests of juniper, magnolia, and rhododendrons.

Be part of fairy-tale festivals

It’s well known that there is no better way to under the skin of any place than to experience it during festive times. Luckily, Bhutan celebrates beautiful and vivacious festivals throughout the year. For instance, Tshechu is an annual festival celebrated across all Dzongs and monasteries, where a large number of colourfully dressed folks gather to observe incredible masked dances. The country also celebrates other equally fun and interesting festivals like Black-necked Crane Festival, Royal Highlander Festival, and Rhododendron Festival.

Savor in unique spicy cuisine

Bhutan has one of the unique cuisines of the world, as the most distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine is its spiciness. Bhutanese national dish, Ema Datshi, is a very spicy food made with cheese and chillies. Chilies are an important part of almost every dish and Bhutanese take it with great pride. Other equally yum and mouthwatering dishes one should try are JashaMaroo (spicy chicken) Momos (dumplings) and PhakshaPaa (pork with red chillies).


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