15th February 2018

Homestay in Bhutan: What to experience

If you are tired of switching hotels and want to experience the life off the grid then Bhutan’s Homestay’s are the perfect destination. Addressed as the happiest nation in the world, Bhutan’s happiness starts from their homes. You too can stay in these homes and get to experience the serenity of Bhutan’s village life.  Bhutan’s Homestaytourism caters the exposure on day to day life of the happiest and humble people of the world.

Homestay and Farmstay

Homestay or Farmstay are the two-prominent custom to know the native’s way in Bhutan. In homestay, you get to live in the hosts house and be a part of their family. Your guide will also be staying so that the language barriers do not trouble you.

As for the Farmstay, you will be staying with the hosts family and even milk their cows. Learning to milk and tilling the fields might be a great pass time for you. This is the Bhutanese way of life.

Precision with archery

During the day, you can ask your guide to take you to an archery place nearby. Bhutanese are toxophilite and you may be surprised how good these people are with their traditional bows. You too can test your combination of drag and tensile in the archery. Perhaps you might even hit the bull’s eye!

 Tales from the maiden

Romance has been always credited for their high level of happiness in Bhutanese culture. In the evening, you can queue your questions with the house maiden on how she settled for her husband. Here in Bhutan, the studs gestures their damsel with skittish gestures in the day and have romantic conversations. It is the night which counts, as the guy will have to break in the lady of his dream’s house and tiptoe without waking the family. If the guy finds success in the finding his target and if she reciprocates, then they do what the birds and bees do. But, some missions always fail and if he gets caught then god knows what will happen.

Hiking from your Homestay

A Himalayan nation, Bhutan has the one of the most scenic beauty bestowed by the nature which counterparts its foreign nation with the likes of Nepal. One of the most elected destinations to hike in Bhutan is the hike to Tiger’s nest. This Shangri la of Bhutan is adhered with the narrow cliffs upon which it rests and is truly a wonder which exemplifies why it is called the Tiger’s nest. Make sure you reason with your guide on getting a homestay near the Tiger’s Nest.


Your host will be preparing all the meals for you so you need not worry on them. Bhutanese culture has little delicacies in meat and fish as fishing is not allowed in Bhutan. So, Veggies with Rice will be served for your meals during your stay. However, chicken and yak meat will be available. Also, if you are a tippler then you can try Ara; a popular local distilled drink.

Homestays and Farm stay is the actual way to experience Bhutan. With plentiful homestays, you can choose any and live the Bhutanese way in the dragon kingdom. Make sure you get your warm clothes packed. Cheerio!


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