8th March 2018

4 things you should never Miss Experiencing in Bhutan

When it comes to visiting a nation, which has its status measures in terms of GNH (Gross National Happiness), there are several things one must experience. Bhutan is a Himalayan nation which embodies some of the sanctioned Shangri-la like the Tiger’s Nest and Phobjikha Valley are few among many.  Regardless of the pristine scenery, Bhutan also offers some of the experiences with the likes of the nightlife of Thimpu and Tsechu dance of the locals.

Here are the 4 things you should never miss experiencing in Bhutan.

Know Bhutan through trekking

The land of the thunder dragon offers several treks which trekkers can savor for memory keepsake. Jhomolhari trek is one of the most preferred treks in Bhutan. This 8 day trek is a lifetime experience which encapsulates the moderate challenge for fellow trekkers with several cultural villages near Jhomolhari base camp. If you want a short trek then the 6 dayDruk Path trek is the right one for you. Treks like Snowman Trek have an itinerary of 25 days which makes it considerably a long trek for the wistful trekkers.

The Tiger’s Nest

Tiger’s Nest is the cliché term for Bhutan’s wonder. An uphill ascend unto the Tiger’s Nest will grant you the overview of the monastery. Legends have said that the Rinpoche lama flew on a tigress back from Tibet to this Shangri la. The hike has been facilitated with elementary stairs which makes the hiking easy for most people. If you have a guide as your company then you can know more about the historical architecture of the monastery.

Dance and Aim

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan which makes it a popular sport everywhere in Bhutan. You will be amazed by the precision of the archers wearing multi-colored through local archers who make it seem effortless on hitting the bulls’ eye of the A4 sized paper target. Cheering Women in their silk dress for their favorite archer makes the event even livelier to watch.  The Tsechu festival is one of the most popular festivals of Bhutan. It falls on the tenth day of any given Tibetan lunar month. You will get to see the harmonized dance of the monks as the main showcase of the festival.


Hotels are good but homestay is the best in Bhutan. Homestay and Farmstay make the stay in Bhutan more momentous if you want to experience the Bhutanese way of living. You will be served delicious meals which comprise of yak’s meat, Momos(Dumplings), PhaksaPaa(Pork delicacy) and Ara (Local liquor) by the house maiden.  You will also get to milk the cows and work on the farm if you stay at the farm house. Bhutanese people are jolly people who get amused by the foreigners if you lend a helping hand on their day to day activities.

The bucket list of experiencing Bhutan is a long one but these four are a must if you are planning to visit this paradise on earth. Make sure you have them camera’s ready!

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